New Spotlight Awards to celebrate UK’s best employees

One4all Rewards has launched a new annual awards to allow the UK’s small businesses to nominate staff for exceptional contributions in the workplace.

The One4all Rewards Spotlight Awards will recognise the UK’s best employees in 20 categories, including 14 industry-focussed Employee of the Year awards recognising talent in different sectors.

The awards were created following a survey of 2009 UK workers by One4all Rewards found as many as 41 per cent of workers believe that their efforts at work go unnoticed by their manager or boss – highlighting the need for employers to recognise and reward staff achievements and efforts.

Categories include High Street Retail – Employee of the Year, the Unsung Hero, which celebrates staff who are normally overlooked, and Rising Star of the Year  to recognise employees under the age of 25. A grand prix-style Employee of the Year Award will identify the UK’s best employee by selecting an overall winner from the 20 category winners.

Declan Byrne, managing director at the One4all Rewards said: “The Spotlight Awards will give managers and bosses the opportunity to recognise and reward workers’ efforts and achievements. Rewarding staff can have a phenomenal impact on morale, productivity and retention, and our research has identified many workers – almost 1 in 2 – feel their efforts rarely go recognised by bosses.”

Each category winner will be awarded with a £200 One4all Gift Card, while the grand prix-style Employee of the Year Award will receive a £400 One4all Gift Card, which can be spent in more than 22,000 stores nationwide.

The One4all Rewards Spotlight Awards are open to all and free to enter, and nominations can be submitted until 27th May 2016.