Order what you need when you need it with the revolutionary buying model from Danish label By basics/OWN

Danish short order brand by basics/OWN offers retailers a constant supply of quality products. With imagination and demonstrative ability, the company has reinvented the supply chain dynamics in-line with emerging market demand. Part of that demand is driven by retailers and consumers who want ethical and sustainable products with more localised European manufacture. By basics/OWN delivers on these needs to offer a modern alternative for UK boutiques.

The label’s ethos is to supply independent retailers with a constantly evolving collection offering transitional weight fabrics in a world of colours, which follow the seasons through the year. This enables customers to buy only what they need when they need it, minimising financial risk and maximising retained profit by not having to reduce prices or discount ranges.

Ethical manufacture

It begins with the raw materials. By Basics/OWN chooses manufacturers from an ethical and environmental perspective. For example, its materials are Oeko-tex-certified, all of its cotton is organic and all of the wool used in its garments is mulesing-free. In addition, its subcontractors are required to have specific certifications to ensure ethical production and a good working environment.

When it comes to production, the brand and its partners control the entire process and take proper care of employees, the environment and the quality of the output. In addition, the brand strives for long-term partnerships with all stakeholders, including with its agents and the stores selling its brands.

By basics/ OWN says it strives to find the best possible solution in everything it does. This means offering high quality, bespoke orders in a world of colours with Danish and European production, no minimum order requirements and no duty cost for retailers.

By basics is delivered four weeks from order while the delivery cycle for OWN is current month plus six weeks. For example, orders placed in July will be shipped by 15 September.

A world of colour

“It’s about the colours,” says John Pearce, founder of John Pearce Fashions, which supplies the brand in the UK and Ireland. “Fresh colours, fresh Looks and fresh Stock so you never lose a sale. Every shop looks different every month with by basics/OWN. Curated in a completely different way each month and with no minimum orders, our customers never lose a sale. If their customer wants a piece in a colour not in stock, they have the colour swatches to order from immediately online.”

By Basics/ OWN gives its stockists the exclusivity they need to develop their business. “We want retailers to feel secure and to know they won’t be facing competition too close or from retailers offering discounts,” says Pearce. “It’s not about the number of accounts, it’s about the numbers our accounts do with by basics/OWN.”

In addition to keeping a strong focus on ethical slow fashion, the by basics/OWN business model and its products are designed to deliver a continuous supply of fresh garments with maximum profit for customers. This is why it makes each order specifically for each customer as there’s no waste. Its retailers prefer to place small orders – some not at all small – as many as eight – 10 times a year.

Showing at the Holiday Inn Regents Park from 1- 15 August, contact the brand for more details.

CONTACT: E: pg@bybasics.com