Pinterest has made it easier for small retailers to market their products (and we’ve got some top tips)

As more people than ever turn to Pinterest to find new small businesses, there are even more ways to get your boutique’s products in front of shoppers…

By Colleen Stauffer, director of global business and creator marketing at Pinterest

Over the past weeks, Pinterest usage has hit an all-time high.  We’ve also seen searches for “supporting small businesses” rise by up to five times more than usual. With this in mind, we’ve made it easier for users to discover products from brands of all sizes. Here are some practical tips for small brands and retailers:

More to shop

For Pinterest users in the UK, we’ve recently launched the More to Shop space beneath Pins to make it easy to explore and shop in-stock items that are related to the main pin. So whether it’s a Pin of a dress or a new swimwear range for post-lockdown travel, the More to Shop section allows shoppers to see more from your brand and shop additional items more easily than ever before.

Clear to see

Pinterest has added new insights, giving retailers access to conversion metrics, so they can measure Pinterest’s impact on site visits, checkouts and sales. Dynamic retargeting also means brands can now reach Pinners who have previously engaged with their brand online or who have unpurchased items in their cart by retargeting exact or similar products they search and save on Pinterest.

Let’s get visual

With visual search technology behind every Pin, consumers can zoom in on products so they can see where to buy them, or take a photo of something they have seen offline to get online recommendations.

Setting the right tone

Communication is key for everyone right now and it’s important for any brand messaging to feel authentic, understanding and helpful. We’ve pulled together some guidance here for businesses of all sizes looking for some direction.

More to like

Social distancing measures have seen huge shifts in the way consumers search online, and Pinterest Analytics can help brands see how people are engaging with content and the types of posts that are resonating with consumers at a time like this.

Learn as you earn

We’ve also recently launched Pinterest Academy, a free e-learning tool, offering a range of lessons and tips to help you get a better handle on how to use Pins for your business. 

People are coming to Pinterest to search for new ideas, inspiration and to shop. That’s why it’s important to share thoughtful and relevant content that uplifts audiences and gives them what they’re looking for. With 97 per cent of Pinterest searches being unbranded, the platform helps even the playing field for smaller retailers.