Q&A: Brands to Watch – LauRie

Q: How did the brand start?

30 years ago, LauRie was founded by Rie and Jens Nygaard, a school teacher couple from Aarhus, Denmark. Rie was fund of making her own clothes and of knitting, and was encouraged to show the knitwear to a shop downtown – and started selling. However, soon she broadened the product range to also include denims, which would be the cornerstone of collections many years to come. From the very start and ongoing, the brand is solely ladies’ wear.

Q: How has it grown since you started?

About a year after the start, sales agents from Sweden and Norway showed interest in the collection, when they saw it at trade shows. The brand had a Scandinavian, casual look, in well matched colour and pattern coordinates, and was also recognised for its quality level. It appealed to a broad audience, so it developed well, and when the couple wanted to retire and sold the company, its products were distributed to around 400 shops in 20 countries.

In 2005, the present owners bought the company and developed it further. As a result of financial crisis and the decrease in long term ordering, they established a Never Out of Stock program of mainly trousers, which could service the shops’ ongoing demands on a day-to-day basis, a service which is still treasured by the more than 1200 retailers being served today.

Q: What are your most popular products?

Trousers are the cornerstone category of products today – even though they are also complemented with skirts, jackets, shirts, blouses, jerseys and knits offered during order rounds twice a year.

Q: What’s next for the brand?

Quality is still the very basis of product development, along with a desire to continuously develop long lasting, sustainable products, with a focus on only using materials made without the use of the many harmful chemical used in textile manufacturing. And at the same time have long term partnerships with factories in Europe, who will keep developing good workplaces for their workers, as a fundamental value of the businesses

Q: Where do you see the brand in five years?

LauRie is about making responsible fashion, giving users a healthier and informed choice. The brand is continuously working on ways to keep developing its sustainability effort and to be seen as one of the responsible and most sustainable clothing companies in the future market.

Find out more at  www.laurie.dk