Royal Wedding Fever: Union Jack shoe sales soar

As hype surrounding the royal wedding reaches fever pitch,  Butterfly Twists has experienced soaring sales of its patriotic Jacqui shoe.

Sales of the Brit brand’s Union Jack ballerina have increased by 153 per cent this year from January to May 2018 compared to January to May 2017. This has contributed to 12 per cent of this year’s overall sales for the shoe brand while 90 per cent of purchasers have been first time buyers.

All of Butterfly Twists’ shoes are named after women. In 2013 the brand launched its Kate shoe, named after the Duchess of Cambridge, and in 2015 it unveiled the Charlotte. 

Emmanuel Eribo, CEO and co-founder of Butterfly Twists, comments: “Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are style icons. Especially Meghan, who has been pictured on multiple occasions wearing flats.”

He adds: “Flats have become fashionable on and off the catwalk. We wanted to create a shoe that is memorable, stylish and patriotic, which is exactly what the Jacqui represents.”

Butterfly Twists revamped its Jacqui shoe ahead of the royal wedding and it is available online until the end of May for £35.