Shahini Fakhourie reveals why sustainability is such an integral part of her eponymous brand

Founded in 2017, Shahini Fakhourie is a conscious Miami-based streetwear brand offering cool and contemporary womenswear. Here we catch up with its eponymous designer to discuss sustainability and the importance of supporting black-owned fashion brands…

What’s your career background?

I’ve always wanted to work in fashion. In fact, I’d always wanted to work for Tommy Hilfiger and I ended up interning with the Children’s and Women’s Design Studio. The amount of support and the knowledge I gained there still amazes me.

When did you launch your eponymous label and what’s the story behind it?

After working in NYC I decided to come back to Miami and start working on my own company. There was a moment where my dream shifted from wanting to work for a particular brand to wanting to create my own. And maybe it’s because I had accomplished that goal. 

How would you describe your brand aesthetic?

Minimal, a bit grunge and actually it’s just cool. It’s very much influenced by Miami, even though it isn’t what you might typically associate the city with.

How important is sustainability to you as a brand owner?

Sustainability is immensely important to me personally and with everything I do. Being intentional about the entire business from fabrication, logistics and partners keeps the brand focused. Knowing that we live in a global society and all of the environmental costs that come along with that forces me to learn new ways of how to offset these costs. 

Which collection are you currently working on and what key pieces can we expect to see coming through?

I’m working on my second collection. The first half of which we can expect during March. There will be pieces for lounging and pieces for when you’re ready to venture out and a few for somewhere in between. 

What type of store is your ideal stockist?

Our ideal stockist would have values that align with our own: sustainability and inclusivity.

How does it feel to be a black fashion designer in a time when black-owned brands are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve?

It’s amazing to see so many talented designers in all different areas. There weren’t many when I was growing up and it’s special to see people you can identify with, in a space you want to inhabit.

How difficult is it for people of colour to be successful in the fashion industry? Do you think this is changing for the better?

I think it is relative. Yes, this industry can be difficult to be successful in but if you are lucky enough to find your support and your people then you can thrive. Early on I was fortunate to meet people along my journey that were so supportive. I’ve only known the fashion industry through this current time so I can say it’s been progressively getting better and better.

How can white people be allies for black creatives working in the fashion sector?   

I believe it all starts with being seen. Let us know you see us and then from there offer support in the capacity that is needed. One step at a time. 

What are your hopes and dreams for your label in 2022?

This year will see us in UK stores and from there we look forward to collaboration and additional avenues for the brand.