A sight to behold: Frau Blau Autumn Winter 15

Dutch brand, Frau Blau, has built a cult following across Europe and beyond for its Trompe l’oeil prints, blending sophisticated styles with photo-realism to create “additional reality”.

The label’s AW 15 collection, entitled Allegory, evokes bold and sensual winter looks for those who dare to be the centre of attention.

Inspired by fantasy films, Allegory narrates a parable of modern society, mixing escapism ideas with enchanted nature elements and contemporary urban tendencies. Decorative prints are based around mosaics, gems, fur, crystals and other treasures worthy of a fairy tale’s magic queen.

A jewelled navy is the base for boxy top shapes and long line dresses. A subtle pink and emerald extend the jeweled tones, highlighted with a luxurious gold brocade.

Designer couple Helena Blaunstein and Philip Blau founded the label in 2002 and have since shown their collections annually at Berlin Fashion Week. They are now looking to expand on their UK presence.

Tel: Joanna Edwards Agency on 07989 014 141; Fraublau.com