Hand finished in Huddersfield, England, Slaith blends various rare fibres with multi-strand compound yarns to create some of the world’s finest knitwear. Using traditional spinning skills and the latest technology, its team creates cashmere and merino that is lighter, stronger and more luxurious than any other. The brand has transformed traditional machines in its mill to produce a fine worsted spun yarn with higher strength and more extension. This unique yarn allows Slaith to use the latest one-piece knitting machines. Each garment is meticulously designed and built stitch by stitch in 3D. This mimics the human body producing a superior fitting garment. Producing a garment with no seams means greater comfort and strength and knitwear that keeps its shape through everyday washing and wearing. Slaith sets new standards to create knitwear that is softer, more luxurious and more comfortable than any other. Merino that feels like cashmere and cashmere that feels out of this world.