Sneak Preview: The Customer Lifecycle Experience at Marketing Week Live 2015


With this year’s edition of Marketing Week Live only a matter of weeks away, retailers attending should make sure to add The Customer Lifecycle Experience to their itinerary.

Taking place at London’s Olympia Central on 29th-30th April, it combines a dynamic walk-through feature – which showcases the latest mobile, ecommerce and marketing technologies – with valuable expert-led workshops on how to create a seamless brand experience for customers.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store:

Steve Dalgliesh, director of Lynchpin Analytics, will be leading a workshop on ‘Using data across the customer lifecycle’.

“Underpinning any good customer experience is a solid strategy beginning with measuring what both the customer and the business wants. You have to start by asking yourself, ‘What am I trying to do with this person: Am I trying to acquire them as a customer?; Am I looking at trading, customer value, lifetime segments?; How do I keep my customer? All these questions are about the customer lifecycle but you can’t have one measurement for them all; you have to be careful about what you are measuring and what you are optimising on the basis of that measurement.”

My session will address:

  • Brand – how do I measure the effectiveness of finding customers, attraction and the footprint of my brand and products?
  • Acquisition – how well do I understand my loss leaders, attribution and online/offline campaigns?
  • Trading – is my merchandising, cross selling, up-selling and personalisation truly optimised?
  • Segmentation – how each customer, value and lifetime segment performs.
  • Churn, Retention and Win-Back – am I winning the hearts and minds of my customers?

It is so easy to talk about customer lifecycle when you don’t actually have to measure it because it is one of those difficult things to actually get a handle on. Many retail marketers are very much focused on the instant sale. What they need to be thinking is, once I’ve got them and they have bought on the site, how do I keep them, how do I get them to buy more, how do I encourage them to be a brand advocate, how do I win them back if I lose them?”

Consultant Mark Patron will be leading a workshop on ‘Multichannel marketing and optimising the customer journey – how to create the best customer experience’.

“Most marketers seek multichannel proficiency but few claim they have achieved it. Customers want to buy anytime, anyplace, anywhere. That’s the ‘Martini challenge’. I think the core principles for creating that ‘best customer experience’ are bound up with:

  • Understanding the customer journey
  • Breaking down data silos
  • Starting to personalise the customer experience to make it more relevant to the customer’s needs

Technology and the integration of different technologies is core to multi-channel proficiency. The key take-aways from my workshop will include the latest Econsultancy research and what it says about optimising customer experience; insight into how best to understand the real customer journey; a look at how to break down data silos to enable a seamless cross-channel and cross-device customer experience; and a strategy of how to start to personalise the customer experience to make it more relevant to customer needs.”

James Carson, director of Made From Media will be leading a workshop on ‘Where content and commerce collide’.

“Content marketing has become an essential part of the online marketing mix, but for retailers looking to convert and sell, it can be a tricky area. Content marketing in its many forms is integral to businesses that sell online. It’s essential for businesses to have a content marketing strategy now. I think it needs to exist in every B2C business due to the demands of customers, who see social media and email as important feedback channels. Even if you don’t create editorial, having a strategy at least about managing assets, tone of voice and where you want to focus your efforts are all important.

My seminar will review things like UX and typography, content on product pages, editorial, social media and email. Specific tips I will be sharing include giving a review of editorial and why it works for some companies, and why it fails for most. I will also be looking at trends such as short form video, a major way for brands to connect with audiences on Facebook, which is the largest social channel.”

Brought to you by Econsultancy and Marketing Week, the Customer Lifecycle Experience is designed to help retailers create a seamless brand experience for today’s always-on consumers. Considering each part of the customer journey, from awareness through to advocacy, it offers:

  • A 45-minute workshop session with an industry expert
  • The chance to explore the latest technologies designed to create a better customer experience
  • Access to a complimentary Econsultancy report (valued at £600)

Steve Dalgliesh, Mark Patron and James Carson’s sessions at the Customer Lifecycle Experience at MWL 15 are available to reserve, with priority given to retail delegates.