Snuggle down this winter with the latest outerwear for men

With winter just around the corner, everyone is thinking about the coats and jackets that can be thrown on when the weather gets chilly. A coat doesn’t have to be the one thing you chuck on over whatever you’re wearing just to stay warm, it can add a whole other level to an outfit.

In an ideal world, you’ll have coats and jackets to suit every occasion and weather forecast but that’s not always practical. If you’re looking for one winter coat to last you the season, the biggest thing you need to think about is fit.

Choosing a coat based on fit is down to your body type, personal style preferences and the level of warmth you’re going to need.

The smart wool coat

A wool coat is a good choice for anyone who wants something smart to wear over a suit. This is a classic look that you can’t go wrong with and wool coats also tend to be very warm. While these look best with business attire, there’s a beauty in the simplicity of woollen outerwear, as it’ll go with anything. These come in a number of fits, styles and weights so try on a few to work out what suits you best before you make your decision.

The pea coat

These double-breasted jackets nod back to original seafaring styles. It’s another classic look that will go with anything but looks a little less ‘city’ than a single-breasted wool coat

The rain mac

If you’re planning on getting caught in the odd British downpour then you’ll probably need a showerproof mac that will keep you dry. These come in a variety of styles from the cheap and cheerful casual looks through to smarter styles that can be worn with a suit.

The quilted jacket

This is a look that has come back into fashion in recent years. It offers a relaxed yet stylish look that’s as at home with jeans and wellies as it is with a slim-fitting business suit. A quilted jacket also tends to be much more lightweight than one made of wool, allowing for more freedom of movement while keeping you warm.



The Parka

This is a multi-functional jacket that works best with more casual looks. They tend to have a pocket for everything and most are made from water-resistant material too.