Social Rebels

Monochrome menswear with a rebellious streak

Attiitude has sprung from a user base that’s fanatical about what it wants. Its online community is one million strong, and growing rapidly. Attiitude celebrates unique points-of-view and self-expression through its unapologetically attention-grabbing clothing. The out-and-out hipster style includes hoodies, jackets, joggers, t-shirts and accessories.

Despite its diverse product range, the brand has always been about more than its clothing. In its drive to promote an alternative lifestyle, Attiitude has forged associations with more than 60 influencers from 20 countries. It is these relationships, as well as a strong brand identity, that has helped the company to grow.

Attiitude is for those who wear their rebellious streak on their sleeve but it’s more than that. It’s a way of life that instinctively takes to alternative fashion.

The t-shirts come in a range of versatile styles, many sporting the bold Attiitude logo with the hoodies in a similar style. The colour palette is a simple monochrome which lends itself well to the brand’s strinking alternative looks.

In 2015, a group of fashion aficionados in London decided to do something about their growing disillusionment with existing labels. They wanted an alternative fashion that reflects them with honesty and resolve. Everything Attiitude does reflects its beginnings as a brand trying to rebel against the crowded market. The brand is UK-based with a following all over the world. Its popularity can be see in its impressive social followings. Particularly on Facebook,

In building such an online following, Attiitude has gained a truly global customer base, which it serves through its own website. If you’re interested in finding out more about the brand call +91 9916660407 or visit