Styloko makes online shopping personal with The WantList app

Fashion Discovery Engine, Styloko, has launched The WantList, an iOS app that presents products in a simple, intuitive way, allowing users to shop by simply swiping through items that look similar. 

With a few quick swipes left or right, the app begins to analyse a user’s tastes and preferences and immediately personalises her experience. The WantList also uses visual technology to help customers find fashion according to price. Presented as Luxe or Less, the app shows both higher and lower priced alternatives. As one person’s luxe is another person’s less, the automated process puts the user in control.  

Styloko allows users to seamlessly discover brands and products and shop  favourite retailers across desktop, tablet, iPhone and Apple Watch.  The launch of The WantList marks a strategic increase in focus for the company toward helping shoppers find what they are looking for wherever they are and on whatever device. Instead of mirroring the experience of the desktop site, The WantList will allow for a unique and tailored experience leveraging the specific opportunities and limitations of each device. With mobile now more than 50 percent of traffic to Styloko and its merchant partners, this approach will offer a better opportunity for engagement and monetisation of visitors to the desktop site.

Styloko  work with over 3,000 brands from large department stores to smaller independent outlets, and there are over a million products on the site.