Taking the underground to the masses: Standout Apparel

The UK is now the third biggest music market in the world as well as the largest in Europe and new brand, Standout Apparel, aims to bridge the gap between the music and fashion worlds.

Inspired by London’s underground house and electro music scene, it offers casualwear for men and women with a clever trademark SD Memory Card stitched into each piece via a leather pouch, featuring productions from promising up-and-coming UK talent.

ST&Out – the way the brand’s moniker appears graphically – has tapped into its team’s passion for emerging and underground music, and enlisted them to upload distinctive mixes of musicians selected from genres including house music, techno and EDM.

This unique design element provides a platform for the artists, helping to expose their music to a mainstream market.

Standoutapparel.co.uk; Twitter: @StandoutAppUK