TCA Showroom represents 14 upcoming and established brands from Europe, offering a charming mix of high fashion and contemporary designs for women. Standout collections now showing SS17 lines include Grace and Mila, Little Black Dress, Access Fashion, Culture, Coster Copenhagen and Soaked in Luxury. The new showroom is located on Essex Road, close to major stations including Angel, Highbury and Islington and King’s Cross St Pancras.

The agency is set to showcase its latest SS17 lines at this month’s Pure London. Don’t miss:

Coster Copenhagen (stand NJ36) – for Danish clothing made in high quality materials; Culture (stand K79) for unique and distinct designs that attract those who love fashion; Access Fashion (stand J53) for an original and feminine product with a unique relationship among price, quality and exclusivity; Grace and Mila (stand D45) offering elegant and feminine collections inspired by chic and bold Paris; and Jus d’Orange) offering sophistication and glamour.

Meanwhile, buyers should also look out for Cubic (stand A30) for fine details and contemporary clothing; Lavand (stand J69) for high-quality, wearable garments that encompass unique, hand-designed prints and Soaked in Luxury for luxury collections that provide young women with a modern style that doesn’t go unnoticed.