The right music can boost fashion sales, so which genre should you play in your boutique?

Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

Music is powerful: the right song choice can lift a customer’s mood and help businesses create an enticing in-store environment to maximise footfall and sales.

Two thirds of adults in the UK (66 per cent) say the type of music played in shops influences what they buy, reveals new research by music license provider PPL PRS.

In its study of over 2,000 shoppers, 27 per cent said music “definitely” had an impact on their spending habits while 39 per cent said it was “probably” an influence.

Nearly two thirds of those polled (63 per cent) claimed that different types of music affects their mood in different ways. Over a third (35 per cent) said they feel more inclined to buy extravagant clothes and accessories, like a designer pair of trainers, if pop music is playing in the background.

The majority of shoppers (67 per cent) admitted to leaving a venue after realising no songs were playing. When asked to rank stimulants from 1-5, ‘music’ was a priority for a fifth (21 per cent) — second only to ‘colours’ (41 per cent), but surpassing ‘fragrance’ and ‘lighting.’

Andrea Gray, PPL PRS managing director, comments: “It’s interesting to see the influence that music holds over consumers, with some even leaving when they’re greeted by silence. It’s worth business owners considering how they can leverage music as a tool to attract and engage custom, especially after a challenging pandemic period. The popular genres are eye-opening and could untap sales opportunities.

“Ultimately, it’s testament to the excellence of the music industry. The quality output from today’s creators and performers is delivering more than just a pleasurable listening experience – it’s a driving force behind consumer decisions.”

Marianne Rizkallah, music therapist for PPL PRS, adds: “Music has mood-enhancing powers. When customers enter an environment that’s sound-tracked by a catchy beat or familiar tune, they may feel happier. If we feel good, we’re more inclined to treat ourselves. It’s fascinating to see that pop is recurringly popular across sectors, perhaps due to the upbeat tempo and memorable lyrics that characterise this genre. Plus, pop has evolved greatly over the decades; it often draws on influences from other genres so is more diverse than ever, driving mass appeal.”