These are the key products and trends international buyers are searching for in 2022

Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Supplier diversity, wellness and product innovation were at the top of the list for international buyers in Q3, reveals new research uncovered in RangeMe’s Retail Roundup: Q3 2022 report.

The sourcing platform, which launched in the UK last year, offers retailers instant access to over 200,000 suppliers and more than 750,000 products, with beauty being one of its big categories.

Its newly published report analyses data from more than 15,000 buyers across the platform from keywords and certification searches to collections visited and engagement with products and brands.

Diversity and wellness remain strong trends

Finding diverse-owned brands remains a key point of interest among buyers, with certifications such as Certified Ethnic Minority Owned and Certified Women Business Enterprise among the top searched certifications. Additionally, Certified Organic continues to rank among the top searches among buyers.

Buyers seek new product innovation

Visits to RangeMe Collections show buyers are hungry for product innovation, with the “Trending on RangeMe” and “Startup Brands” Collections garnering the most visits. RangeMe’s Collections are curated selections of brands and products that meet set criteria typically based on trends, certifications, categories or buyer engagement. The Trending on RangeMe Collection includes brands and products that are getting the most engagement from buyers, and the Startup Brands Collection consists of the newest brands and products in the consumer packaged goods market.

Self-care keywords seeing growth

Last quarter, the keyword “fragrance” was trending among health and beauty care buyers around the globe, along with “deodorant,” “bath salts,” “shower steamers,” and “candles,” a nod to the self-care trend among consumers that accelerated during the pandemic and continues strong today. “Jute bags” was another frequently-used search term, as sustainability-minded consumers are increasingly choosing them over plastic bags.

“RangeMe’s Retail Roundup provides a snapshot of what’s been on buyers’ minds over the past quarter, and where they are headed with their category planning,” says founder and CEO Nicky Jackson . “With increasing prices and supply challenges worldwide, it’s clear that there is major interest in finding new and innovative products, particularly from diverse-owned and sustainability-focused brands.”