This is what shoppers will expect from fashion packaging in the future

A new study by bespoke papermaker James Cropper has unpicked what 2,000 UK consumers expect from fashion brands now and in the future when it comes to packaging.

With a host of fashion and beauty brands in its client portfolio including Burberry and Selfridges, the company has cited three key themes across the fashion industry that highlight how retailers need to adapt and evolve their approach to packaging to appeal to consumers of the future.

Richard Bracewell, marketing director at James Cropper, explains the trends in detail…


“From Gucci’s DIY service to Burberry Bespoke, customisation is becoming fundamental to how brands connect with their consumers, and there’s an overwhelming appetite for products to carry packaging with a sense of personalisation.

“Whether it’s packaging which is monogrammed, immersive customer service and consultations, or the ability to choose colour or material that fits the season or occasion, 90 per cent of consumers expressed a distinct desire for fashion products to feel personal to them.

“If the landslide of consumers demanding a sense of individualism isn’t enough to make you think this is a trend here to stay, a further five per cent believe the packaging of fashion items will play an even bigger part in creating the right shopping experience than it does today.”


“Almost half of consumers admit that a decade ago, they wouldn’t have considered whether the packaging of a fashion item was eco-friendly. In contrast, a third of consumers today – especially women – expect fashion brands to have packaging that’s reusable and easily recyclable as a matter of course. The insight demonstrates a growing consciousness when it comes to sustainability and it’s a trend that shows no sign of slowing: what’s more, a fifth of consumers believe that the eco-friendly qualities of packaging will be one of the most important considerations when buying fashion items in a decade’s time.”


“Consumers have wanted fashion purchases to feel exciting, luxurious and offer some form of sensory experience for some time, but this has evolved somewhat: a quarter of consumers now demand – or at least expect – the same quality brand experience online, in-store and on social media.  There’s also a significant trend towards consumers placing even more importance on the packaging when shopping online, in the belief that it  replaces the physical part of the shopping experience.”

“Brands need to evolve and adapt in key areas and a failure to do so in terms of sustainability, experience and personalisation, will mean falling short of consumer expectation in the longer term.

“While trends are often momentary, research shows that these are here to stay and will grow in relevance. Brands will exist in an entirely difference landscape in just a few short years, so they must leverage technology and innovations available to them now. Innovations such as CupCyclingTM allow brands to give packaging a sustainable story which can help to place them at the cutting edge of consumer desire now and in a decade’s time.”

James Cropper is a bespoke papermaker and  and the business behind the world’s first technology for transforming used coffee cups into beautiful premium papers. Find out more at