Timberland takes legal action to prevent other brands copying its designs

Timberland has put “aggressive measures” in place to prevent its footwear designs and technologies from being copied by competitors. Separate to counterfeiting, it is taking action against brands copying and using Timberland designs and technologies on their own branded products.

Timberland recently instructed outside intellectual property counsel to take aggressive legal action against any and all infringement of its products in the market, and has already logged a number of “wins” around the globe, especially in EMEA. 

Over the past year, Timberland has substantially limited further damage to its brand and business by preventing sales of imitations of its iconic footwear styles in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Portugal.  Specific infringements have related to the brand’s Kenniston, Courmayeur, Radford, and FlyRoam Wedge footwear styles, as well as its recognisable technology platforms, including Sensorflex and Aerocore.

“Our trademarks and patents are central to making the Timberland brand and products unique and desirable in the marketplace,” says Kristine Marvin, general counsel, Timberland. “We are intensely focused on meeting and exceeding the expectations of our loyal customers, through innovative designs and technologies. We have zero tolerance for others profiting from the hard work of our talented team.”

Timberland has committed to initiate legal action against any and all companies that infringe upon the brand’s intellectual property for the foreseeable future.