Imagine running a bank where you leave all the money sitting on shelves for members of the public to view, and even move them around. You’d think there would be pretty beefy security – but this bank doesn’t hire many security people and those it does are really distracted serving clients; there is no detailed check into their background and from a security aspect the icing on the cake is that you also pay the guards very little – yet they are managing this treasure house of very attractive cash!

You can see the link to retail, after all, is your shop so different to the description above? Are the products on your shelf not just piles of money in the form of clothing or footwear? And while it is an obvious way to lose money, the problem is actually a whole lot worse if you are not keeping track of what’s going in or out. This means someone may take the money and you’d have no way of knowing.

Naturally, retailers could do as banks do and track the money (products) coming into and out of the shop. This would give them the additional advantages of knowing what was selling and what was not selling. But most retailers do not do this – most retailers just leave the vault door open. Trusting your staff is imperative, but you don’t have to trust anyone so completely. If you don’t know, or choose not to acknowledge theft as an issue, then it’s also easy’ – but expensive – to assume there is nothing to worry about.

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