Once Upon a Time | Daniel Wellington

It was a chance encounter on a trip half way around the world that sparked the idea for Daniel Wellington, the Swedish brand that’s redefined luxury watches.

On this trip, the brand’s founder, Filip Tysander, met an intriguing British man with impeccable but unpretentious style, and a particular fondness for wearing vintage watches on old weathered NATO straps. The man’s name? Daniel Wellington.

Inspired by his new acquaintance’s timeless style of fashion, Tysander created his own line of unisex watches. Minimalist and refined, the traditional design blends together with interchangeable preppy striped NATO straps for wide ranging appeal.

Representing aspirational, yet affordable luxury, the elegant watches use materials such as Japanese quartz for the mechanical movement and mineral crystal glass for a strong, scratch resistant finish.

Since its launch in 2011, the brand has become one of the fastest growing watch companies in the world, with over one million watches sold to date. Daniel Wellington watches are stocked in almost 3,500 retailers across 40 countries worldwide.

WS £129; Tel: 0046 735 033 143; Danielwellington.com