VanElse fashion design

Else Hardjopawiro was born in Suriname and has been living in the Netherlands since 1987. By the end of 2011, after having been responsible for reorganization processes and the coaching of executives, she decided to resign and chase her dream: starting her own fashion label.

“My designs are sleek but at the same time super feminine and powerful. I especially focus on emerging, successful and established business women who want to use their appearance to make a statement. My specialties are jackets, coats, suits and trouser suits. ”

“For my summer collection 2016/2017, I drew inspiration from African prints and Indonesian batik. That also has to do with my roots. In the new collection that I will present in February 2017 at the London Stock Exchange, I have mainly used wool luxuriously finished with leather suede piping and leather buttons.”

“All my garments are made in the Netherlands by tailors with whom I entered into collaboration. I have deliberately chosen to locate the production in my home country, also to the fact that I want to keep my line unique and exclusive. It always concerns limited numbers. Right now I have two outlets in England. My first point of sale in the Netherlands is the Dutch Art & Design Salon in Den Bosch.”