Well heeled | Alice Bow luxury insoles

Alice Bow is the British luxury insoles brand that blends craftsmanship, premium Italian leather and orthopaedic padding for vibrant insoles that feel as good as they look.

Designer Rachel Bowditch was inspired to revolutionise the insole after becoming frustrated with the lack of options available that would provide comfort for her busy lifestyle while also proving a match for her stylish shoes.

Available in two specialists collections: flat insoles have been tailored to prevent heel strike with an anatomically designed wedge of padding under the heel, while heel insoles are designed to cushion the ball of feet while being thin enough to slip unnoticed into favourite heels.

Both collections are shaped at the front so can be worn with closed or open toe shoes and the addition of sticky pads to the undersides ensures they don’t slip out of place.

Handmade in London with custom colour finishes, it seems the luxury approach to an everyday necessity has found favour with royalty, with the Duchess of Cambridge rumoured to be a fan.

WS £POA; Email: sales@alicebow.comAlicebow.com