We’ve found the industry’s most sustainable clothing hanger (and it can save retailers money, too)

Fashion retail has never been easy, but in 2022 it is tougher than ever. Not only are today’s consumers thinking more about how much they’re spending, they’re also (quite rightly) conscious about the environmental impact of their buying choices too.

For boutiques working on becoming more sustainable, it’s worth considering all aspects of your business – from the products you stock to your energy usage and recycling habits.    

Another way to minimise your store’s carbon footprint is to choose sustainable clothing hangers. With an estimated 10 billion produced annually, a large percentage end up as landfill and this waste is a big issue.

The Grohanger

Step forward the new British-made Grohanger. Created using recycled polypropylene – one of the most eco-friendly and versatile plastics available – it is long-lasting while being kinder to the planet. What’s more, its “all in one” design extends from a child and baby-sized hanger into one that’s suitable for adult’s clothing – meaning retailers only need one hanger for their entire product range.

Owner and inventor Nick Lewis comments: “The new British designed Grohanger is by far the most sustainable and practical hanger available for fashion retailers. Retailers now have the opportunity to drastically rationalise hanger ranges and reduce their carbon footprint. Price points are no greater than standard hangers and it’s available either supplied directly in all major global locations or as part of hanger reuse programme through established producers, under licence. Retailer brand styles can also be easily incorporated into its extendable ‘one hanger fits all’ design.”  

For more information contact E: nick@grohanger.com