Why fashion retailers need more than just ecommerce

Ecommerce is often seen as the saviour of retail, unlimited customers, huge growth potential. This is of course the case, but rather than competing with the same fashion retailers in your town or high street you are now competing against fashion retailers literally all over the world. So how do you get your ecommerce site to stand out? Well, of course you can ‘optimise’ your website. This is when you positively influence the position of your website in Google, so it appears as high as possible. But this does not happen overnight, and it can take several months to improve your position so you are on page one of search engines like Google. But there are other ‘online’ channels that fashion retailers should be looking at, namely eBay and Amazon.

eBay and Amazon are the two largest websites in the UK and their influence is growing. According to Retail Week their combined market share is one fifth of the UK’s ecommerce market. Many retailers have started selling on both these sites, for a number of reasons: Firstly, it is relatively cheap to start up, you get access to a wider audience, your product typically gets on to page of Google, courtesy of eBay and Amazon. However, what stops many moving across to these channels is that it is another sales channel to manage and it is time consuming to upload product information and stock levels. But there are tools, such as web-based EPoS systems, that allow retailers to manage their stock in-store, online, on eBay and Amazon in real time and seamlessly. So when stock is sold the products are automatically removed from these web sites. But what’s more they allow retailers to ‘click and sell’ as they can upload product information (such as images, stock levels, product description) at the touch of a button.

Today, independent fashion retailers need to be seen beyond their high street, and this is true of online as well. eBay and Amazon are perfect sales channels for retailers to generate additional revenue for their business whilst extending their reach.