5 ways to take control of your business energy bills before next winter

Kari Shea on Unsplash
  • By Jack Arthur, energy expert, Uswitch for Business

Gas and electricity bills are among the biggest concerns for small business owners right now, especially since the government’s energy bill relief support reduced dramatically last month. Here’s how to take control of your bills to avoid paying more than you need to…

1. Check all your contracts – both gas and electricity

Dual fuel agreements do not exist in the business market, which means that you will likely have different arrangements for your gas and electricity. Make sure you’ve got the details of both contracts, including your current supplier and take note of the contract types, duration and end dates. 

2. Identify your ‘switching window’

The ‘switching window’ is the period where you can change to a cheaper deal if you’re on a contract you’ve not chosen, your tariff has expired or if you’ve taken over a new premises.

3. Seek expert advice when it comes to finding a competitive energy deal

Finding the right deal for your business can take time, so if you are struggling to understand the type of contract needed for your firm and its usage, consider speaking to an energy broker. Sites like Uswitch for Business can help you during your search. 

4. If you’re struggling to pay your bills, speak to your supplier ASAP

Contact your supplier as soon as you can if you are worried about paying your business energy bills. Suppliers may be able to work with you to agree a payment plan you can afford more easily.

5. Understand how to improve your businesses energy efficiency

You can make a difference to your overall consumption by considering energy efficient measures, such as energy saving lighting, as well as turning off other technology when not in use. If you don’t have one already, consider installing a smart meter or a half hourly meter to understand where you are wasting energy and to improve the accuracy of your bills.