Caprice takes over 200-year-old footwear brand Peter Kaiser

German footwear specialist Caprice has announced its acquisition of Peter Kaiser, one of Europe’s longest established footwear brands. 

Part of the Wortmann Group, which also owns Tamaris, Marco Tozzi and s.Oliver shoes, Caprice says will remain true to the brand’s unique history and core ethos while updating its collections and pricing its products “more attractively.”  

“In the upper mid-range segment, we already offer excellent value for money with Caprice,” explains Jürgen Cölsch, managing director of Caprice Schuhproduktion GmbH & Co. KG. “With the Peter Kaiser brand, which is registered in over 70 countries worldwide, we will now also be able to offer this in the upper segment. The lower and the luxury genre are dominated by vertically integrated suppliers. The business that offers the highest potential for those of our retail partners that are not integrated into the vertical network lies between these, which is precisely where Caprice and Peter Kaiser will be positioned.”

The takeover not only promises stronger market positioning for the company but also an extended product portfolio that unites the values of both brands. 

With its focus on “modern comfort,” Caprice has been synonymous with innovation and quality for decades. Meanwhile, as one of Germany’s oldest women’s footwear brands with a history dating back to 1838, Peter Kaiser represents “outstanding craftsmanship and incomparable sophistication.”

“I am pleased to be able to hand over the Peter Kaiser brand to Caprice, and therefore also to the birthplace of Peter Kaiser, where it will have a successful future,” says Peter Kaiser operations GmbH manager Stefan Frank. “With its production and development expertise, Caprice is the ideal umbrella for the brand as it will showcase its products and high standards with regard to quality, fit and material at prices that represent excellent value for money.”