European Alliance for the Leather Goods Industry (ELGA) successfully launched in Brussels

AIMPES, ASEFMA, BTAA and FFM, four national leather goods federations, have joined to form a new European association, ELGA, successfully launched in Brussels on April 27th.

Its founding members, sharing a common vision for the future of the European leather good industry, committed to work hand in hand to tackle issues affecting the sector and encourage synergies between their members.

By creating this Alliance, they aim to:

  • promote an exceptional know-how, develop new skills, creativity and innovation;
  • support an industrial flagship with a worldwide reputation by fighting against counterfeiting;
  • ensure leather authenticity to defend the high-quality of their products and make sure the consumers can make an informed choice;
  • facilitate export development for the leather goods enterprises by ensuring a fair access to markets.

First President of ELGA, Arnaud Haefelin (FFM), expressed his hope for the Alliance to become a European showcase for the leather goods sector and to contribute actively to the European debates. He will be supported by Riccardo Braccialini (AIMPES), Roberto Sont (ASEFMA) and David Nathan (BTAA).

Contact for any inquiries about ELGA:

ELGA’s Secretariat : – +32 506 89 14 AIMPES :