Peoplevox report highlights the trends, processes and behaviours fashion retailers need to control in 2018

Peoplevox, the leading e-commerce warehouse and fulfilment software specialist today published a new report on fast fashion fulfilment.

Fashion Fulfilment In 2018’ provides online retailers with a concise analysis of key emerging fulfilment trends in this dynamic and highly competitive sector; including an insight into the latest growth and customer retention strategies being put into action by some of the fastest-growing fashion businesses.

The report also defines the areas vital to building consumer trust; from buying and returns to shipping and culture. As part of this, practical guidance is provided on how to streamline essential warehouse processes. This advice is based on Peoplevox’s extensive experience in developing fulfilment best practices. These have helped facilitate growth for numerous e-commerce fashion businesses and brands such as The Style, MissPap, Gymshark, Pomelo Fashion and Pink Boutique.

The e-book offers fashion retailers guidance on:

  • Optimising inventories to ensure the right products are always available at the right time; avoiding overselling and missed sales opportunities
  • Handling returns so goods are back on sale more quickly; maximising sales opportunities and aiding cash flow
  • Shipping; how to do it faster and more accurately
  • Where and when automation can be used to most advantage

Fashion Fulfilment In 2018 is a handy reference guide for retailers dedicated to thriving in the fast fashion business next year,” said Jonathan Bellwood, Peoplevox Founder and CEO. “In 2018, fashion consumers will turn to e-commerce more than they ever have done before. Supporting their brand with fast and accurate fulfilment processes that build on the customer experience is going to be central to any retailer’s success.”

Fashion Fulfilment In 2018 is available now for free download here

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