Designer Alice Sievier of the Alpaca Collection is going places. She’s currently in South America putting the ‘wow’ factor into niche knitwear.  The Alpaca Collection is the largest UK-based wholesale business specialising exclusively in the purest Intarsia knitwear from the Andes for men and women.  Twenty-four-year-old Alice has been tasked with making her peer group more aware of the brand.

“Fashion wear made from Alpaca yarn appeals mainly to women with spending power. They expect luxury and exclusivity,” she says. “The garments outlive virtually any other and have a soft and luxurious feel which is naturally warm yet lightweight.  Alpaca is extremely hard-wearing, doesn’t pill and resists being pulled out of shape.  Its combinations of colours and patterns are unique. Many younger women aren’t aware of its qualities – even though it’s chic and elegant. Men often don’t realise it’s available for them too.

“Our 2013/14 collection comprising pattern cardigans, capes and coats, matching accessories, lined jackets and menswear is the first reflecting a definable regeneration – although our key target market will remain the over 40s.”

Alpaca garments are knitted normally on hand looms, usually by indigenous Indians. They might spend hours producing one garment.  The ultra-colourful ethnic look appeals to fashion-conscious Westerners for whom cost is secondary.  Retail outlets stocking Alpaca tend to be exclusive independent stores and boutiques which is part of the mystique of wearing Alpaca with its signature style, colours and prints. Wraps and capes are best sellers. Graziana, for example, with its variety of styles from Aztec print has huge appeal and makes the ultimate Christmas gift.

Prices range from £50 – £275 per piece. The entire Collection or elements of it are available on short order now. Phone us on 01789 209229 or visit our website