Consumers urged to consider their clothing choices with The Get Redressed Challenge

With the fashion industry reported as the world’s second largest polluting industry, consumers are being urged to consider their buying choices with The Get Redressed Challenge.

The initiative aims to inspire shoppers to consider their clothing choices and ultimately lessen the environmental and social impacts of over-consumption. Less about discouraging buying new clothes, it instead educates consumers in the care of their clothes and being conscientious in their buying choices. By buying better, supporting emerging sustainable designers and looking after existing purchases, consumers can do their bit to help reduce wasteful fashion cycles.

Fashion consumption is estimated to have increased approximately 60 per cent over the past 10 years. Great for retailers’ bottom lines, but the cost on the environment is hard to ignore – in the UK alone, an estimated 350,000 tonnes and£140 million worth of used clothing goes to landfill every year.

Consumers are encourage to do their bit to reduce this by taking small steps shared on the initiative’s Instagram feed, with ideas and information on swapping, DIY, laundry care, restyling, repair and reconstruction intended to provide consumers with the tools to prolong their clothing’s lifespan.