Stand out with world’s first temporary display and shop fitting system, PopShop


Designed specifically for pop up shops and flash retail, the new Prestige PopShop system by Quadrant2Design will bring a professional edge to your temporary retail projects.

The bespoke popup system is a world first, created to cater to a new market of businesses who want to include popup retail projects in their marketing plans, but want to present themselves in a more professional manner than the medium usually allows.

Dorset-based exhibition stand contractor Quadrant2Design created their PopShop system as an adaption of the Swiss-designed modular Prestige Events System, which is widely used across Europe for creating exhibition stands, conference sets, and displays for retail and corporate events.

With a lightweight, but extremely strong, aluminium popup frame construction, the system is easy to build, requiring no special tools or knowledge. Other key features include magnetised panoramic graphics, and options to integrate brightly lit product showcases and floating effect digital screens, all of which give the popup system the unique offering of a professional, ‘permanent’ look, but in a temporary setting.

Alan Jankins, managing director at Quadrant2Design, says, “Our PopShop system allows you to cover unsightly shop walling with graphics, branding, showcases and digital screens. In fact, it’s estimated that a retail space with 80 to 100 metres of linear walling could be transformed into a viable retail space in just one day, indicating massive savings in both onsite labour costs and logistics.”

Quadrant2Design, who hold exclusive rights to the Prestige Events System in the UK, will pre-build every stand before it is released to the client, free of charge.

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