Capri’s Hari Krishnadasan on the many benefits of winning a Boutique Star Award

Capri's Hari, Puja, Issy and Andy at the Boutique Star Awards 2019

Capri London’s Hari Krishnadasan discusses the many benefits of entering the Boutique Star Awards 2022    

“Having won Boutique Star Awards Distributor of the Year in 2019 at the first and last awards ceremony that took place due to covid, I can still remember the evening as if it were yesterday. My wife Puja and I were joined by Andy, our head of operations, and Issy, our print assistant. As we all sat at our table at rooftop venue The Deck inside London’s National Theatre, we hadn’t been expecting to be shortlisted – let alone win. 

“So when it was time to find out the winner of the Distributor of the Year category and we heard “Capri Clothing” announced, we were dumbstruck for a few seconds. Everyone on our table looked at each other as if to confirm we had all heard the same thing. Gemma and Julie from Boutique magazine were both looking at us and clapping – then it hit home: we had actually won! 

“As Capri Clothing was called out, applause and cheer filled the room and we slowly got up and walked to the stage – almost on autopilot – to collect our award. I had to do a speech which I had to wing on stage as didn’t even think we would be winning anything. There were flashing lights from photographers not to mention the spotlights on stage. Even now I can’t help but smile every time I see the pictures.

“I can vouch for the power of an award and the business benefits it brings whether you’re nominated or shortlisted – let alone selected as the winner. It’s a strong indicator of trustworthiness among current and prospective customers. Successful businesses like to work with other successful businesses. 

“The recognition we received after being shortlisted – not only from all our staff and salespeople and contractors, but also our peer group – positioned us favourably. It reinforces the true value and skill we bring to our profession and sector. 

The Capri team collecting their Boutique Star Award

“Business owners in our industry don’t take the time to reward ourselves nor receive any recognition as it’s often a constant cycle from one season to the next without time to pause and reflect. We all deserve recognition for the effort we put in and the Boutique Star Awards did a great job in highlighting and rewarding this. 

“Recognition at the awards ceremony gave an immediate morale boost to people who work with us and gave them a focus for their purpose at work. Knowing that each and every one of us has contributed to the recognition winning an award is a great motivator and something to shout about and show off.

“The brand awareness the awards ceremony and winning an award gave Capri highly valuable publicity before, during and after the event through emails, social media and the magazine itself.  To help build trust and awareness with our target audience, we were given the opportunity to use the awards branding on our website, marketing material and email signatures. 

“Entering and winning business awards demonstrates to both existing and prospective customers that our business is at the top of its game, reinforcing their reasons for using us in the first place. It also helps build brand loyalty as customers are always keen to stick with businesses who are perceived to be doing well.

“If you are considering entering your brand or boutique for an award, you should choose the category to best suit your business and its achievements carefully.  The process of applying in itself is highly motivating, which we could all do with amid all the chaos in the world right now.”